Convert a cd audio track into an mp3

A few minutes ago, i was try to copy my favorite music from CAKE CD Album, but i’ve got a trouble with this! so i’m gonna to show you that i’ve been succeed to resolve it and works like a churm hehe =D

Well, in the essence…

what do we call if would like to change/convert a cd file to mp3 form, yea what?  And on generally we were knew that file in the cd was under copyright, so that the track/movie couldn’t coppied with ease. So what the solution and how to ?

Okay actually the converting process on the above  called as “RIP (Ripping)”. So we have to Ripping the file first, change to mp3, because of  it, in the way we could, just for simple way we don’t need a converter application like Cd Ripper, Nero Burning ROM or etc.  Because there is easy way to use a ripper on windows which RIP/Converter included in the Windows Media Player Package. The following are instructions to Ripping cd to be mp3 file in The Windows Media Player :

If you are using the Windows operating system only,  then try this:

1. Open Windows Media Player, maximize the window and click on the Switch to Library icon.
2. Right click in the area immediately above the Search box until you get a drop down menu.
3. Go to Tools/Options/Rip Music.
4. In the Rip Music to this Location, choose where you want your music to be copied to.
5. In Rip Settings, click MP3.
6. Click on Learn About Copy Protection and read warning.
7. Click on Eject CD after ripping.
8. Select the Audio quality you would like (I recommend highest quality, it sounds way better!).
9. Click OK.
10. Insert the CD you want to copy.
11. Select the audio track or tracks you want to copy. If all audio tracks are selected, uncheck the box for all files and just select the ones you want.
12. Click Rip CD.
13. After your audio track has been copied to your computer, the CD will eject automatically.
14. Search for your new mp3 in the file location you selected in step 4.
15. Once you find it you may have to rename it with the artist name and song title if it was not copied from an original CD.

I hope it will be help and useful. Thx u ^^

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How to Running GCC from Command Prompt (CMD)

1. Open CMD   {type “CLS” to remove the text in the CMD to be more  clean !}

2. Go to your folder:
eg: If the folder  “0610U001” in Drive D:

a.type on cmd,  D:    /* then press enter*/
b.type, cd “space” 0610U001 /*then press enter*/

3. To see file in 0610U001, you must type instruction “Dir”  /* then press enter*/

4. Set Path for “mingw”

eg: If the MinGw folder on drive C:
-type like this, Path = C: \ mingw \ bin;% path%    /*then press enter*/

5. Compile Program
-type on cmd,   gcc  filename.cpp  -o   filename.exe

6. Run  Program
-type, “filename.exe”  or   just type,  “filename”   /*then press enter*/
example: kasus01-A. exe    or    kasus01-A   /*enter*/

If there any problem, please let’s comment bellow!
i’m with pleasure can help you…

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How to Install “GCC” MinGw and Settings GCC PATH in Windows

On this tutorial, i will show how that work above?
What you should to know is, why  you need Gcc MinGw??

And what’s GCC?
GCC (GNU C Compiler) is the compiler system of the GNU environment. GNU is a UNIX-compatible operating system, being developed by the Free Software Foundation, and distributed under the GNU Public License (GPL).

Did you got it!  Yea it’s true…  it’s that you need, because you want to compiling “C/C++” code in Command prompt (CMD). Therefore you need to install MinGw (minimalist GNU for Windows) in order to compile code in C/C++/Fortran and another language,  depends on Library availability.

Then, after i have installed mingw. What should i do for  the next step,  do i need  to settings another system?
Yes, of course!! you need to settings the Path on Environment Variables. Well, here are the step that you must to see and read  carefully!

1. You can download MinGw at here , after that you open file .rar/folder with password in it.

2.Instal Mingw-get-installer after that check C:\MinGw\bin

3.klik mingw-6.6 (Extract to disk C:\) then check again C:\MinGW\bin

4.if there have completed file in “bin” then you’ve DOne, then the final step is;

5.Set Environment variables :

  • Click start Btn> Right click on Computer>Click Properties>click Advanced system settings>Click Environment variables>On System variables click “Path“>Click Edit>On variable Value box add this syntax on the right of corner  ;C:\Mingw\bin

6. Try to run GCC from your DOS/Promt/CMD  After that, don’t forget to..

And How to Running Test GCC from CMD, come here


ENJOY to Coding in C or C++!


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Microsoft Indonesia holds event for Microsoft Launch Windows 8 at Orchid Garden, 26-28 October 2012

In line with the launch of OS Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 by Microsoft, a representative office in Indonesia did not want to miss. Microsoft Indonesia also invite anyone to come and try to experience directly use Windows 8 on a 26 to October 28, 2012 at Mall Taman Anggrek, Jakarta.

The event was deliberately done in three days. With the concept of the show as an exhibition, Microsoft Indonesia wants consumers to know in advance about the ins and outs of Windows 8 and supporting applications.

It is of course very important. Moreover, some time ago, in one of the Microsoft Store in the United States, there are some sales that turned out not knowing the difference between Windows RT and Windows 8. With misinformed, of course, are consumers harmed.

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Android phone from China with Quad Core Processor Xiaomi Mi-Two, Official Launched

Android phone from China, Xiaomi Mi-Two finally officially on sale from Friday (26/10). The sale is the first step taken by the Xiaomi against market in south asia (Indonesia).


Not clear how supply Xiaomi phone that was prepared for  the first phase of the sale. Most likely there will be about 200 thousand to 300 thousand mobile phones to be sold in the first phase.

Xiaomi mobile phone is often sells its production in a way that is quite unique. They will produce a number of mobile units, then sell it to the public. And, if the stock runs out, then they will return to produce it and how to sell the second stage.

Despite having a different pattern of marketing with other manufacturers, sells products Xiaomi proven in the market. On  Facbook fanspage pages, said that it had sold Xiaomi Xiaomi Mi-One mobile phone’s Youth Edition of 350 units in just 4 minutes and 15 seconds. And they only provide a stock of 500 thousand mobile phone is.

Mi-Two itself is an Android phone that uses Android Jelly Bean OS 4.1. On the screen, this phone comes with a screen measuring 4.3-inch IPS LCD. This mobile phone comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor, 2000 mAh battery and 16GB of internal memory. Regarding the price, the phone is priced at around $ 315 USD.

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Hello world!

Welcome to Blog Universitas Widyatama Sites.

Do you know what?  Hmm..  What?

As  we knew,  Hello World words is well-known in information technology world, mainly on world of information technology around the world. because that word is the first appear and make a characteristic by the creator of programming languange as such testing represented by word is “Hello word” as we know today!

well, this is my first article which i post, so i just want to introduce my blog to everyone who visit here with the general word like to say “HELLO WORLD”   that’s it 🙂
hehe  =D

Okay Happy Browsing and Reading!

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